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fire door specification as per NBC

In the realm of building safety, fire door specification as per NBC play a crucial role in protecting lives and property. Ensuring that these doors meet specific standards is paramount, and in India, the National Building Code (NBC) provides detailed guidelines for fire door specifications. At Nitsui India, we pride ourselves on manufacturing fire-rated doors […]

Fire Door Details

Nitsui Fire Door details have a certification for 60 , 90 and 120 minutes fire rating. Fire doors details are produced in both standard and customer-specific sizes. Doors of heights 2050/2100/2150 mm are reversible (left&right). This possibility eliminates the directional mistakes made in the construction work sites, moreover the ordering process is faster and much more practical. Types of Fire […]

Fire Door | Fire Rated Door Manufacturers In India

Unveiling a New Era in Fire Safety We are thrilled to announce the launch of Nitsui India, the country’s fastest-growing fire rated door manufacturers, dedicated to providing unparalleled fire safety solutions. As the founder of Nitsui India, I am proud to introduce our innovative range of fire doors designed to safeguard lives and properties across […]

What is the Purpose of a Fire Door ?

Introduction: Understanding Fire Doors Fire door are crucial safety features in any building, designed to save lives and property in the event of a fire. They serve as barriers to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing vital time for occupants to evacuate safely and for emergency services to respond. The Role of Fire […]

Enhance Safety with High-Quality Fire Doors

Ensuring the safety and security of your property is paramount. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by installing fire rated doors. These doors are specifically designed to withstand fire for a certain period, providing crucial time for evacuation and minimizing damage. What are Fire Rated Doors? Fire rated doors are specially […]

What is the Best Door for a Fire Door ?

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your property, choosing the right fire door is crucial. Fire doors are an essential component in fire safety, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing vital time for evacuation. In this article, we’ll explore the best options available for fire doors and what factors […]

Stunning Indian Main Door Designs for Your Home

The main door of your home is more than just an entrance; it is a statement of style, culture, and hospitality. In Indian architecture, the main door holds special significance, often seen as the guardian of the household and a symbol of prosperity. This blog post will delve into the diverse and beautiful world of […]

The Rising Demand for Quality Fire Door Manufacture in India

As urbanization and industrialization in India continue to accelerate, the importance of safety measures, especially in fire protection, has become increasingly prominent. One critical component in fire safety is the fire door. Fire doors play a vital role in containing fires and allowing safe evacuation during emergencies. This has led to a significant surge in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Indian Main Door Designs: Elevate Your Home’s Entrance

The main door of your home is not just an entrance; it’s a statement of your style and a reflection of your cultural heritage. Indian main door designs are renowned for their elegance, craftsmanship, and traditional significance. In this guide, we’ll explore various Indian main door designs that can transform your home’s entrance into a […]

Fire Doors for Commercial Buildings: Ensuring Safetyand Compliance

Fire doors are integral components of a building’s safety protocol, designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke within a facility. These doors are constructed from robust materials like steel or timber and incorporate fire-resistant seals that enhance their effectiveness in compartmentalizing fire, thereby significantly slowing its progression and ensuring the safety of both […]