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Technical Specification of Fire Rated Door

Our fire rate doors offer excellent protection while meeting industry standards for safety.

Product: Fire Rated Door

Width Min./Max. : 500 mm to 3000 mm

Height Min./Max. : 2000 mm to 3000 mm

Mounting Location : Inside / outside

Fire withstanding capacity : 1 Hour/ 2 Hour

Door Panel: Sandwich panel coated with GI pre coated sheets in filled with Rockwool/ Mineral wool insulation door panel thickness of 48mm & density of 48kg/m3Door.

Surface Finish : Powder coated Any RAL color as required.


Secure your space with confidence.

Technical Specification of Fire Rated Door

High-quality fire rated door with excellent technical specifications, ensuring safety and durability.

Glazed Fire Rated Door

High-quality glazed fire rated door, ensuring both security and safety. Trustworthy protection for your property.

Galvanized Fire Rated Door

Secure your space with our durable and fire-resistant Galvanized Fire Rated Door.

Double Leaf Fire Rated Door

Double your safety with our Double Leaf Fire Rated Door. Designed for maximum protection with a sleek design.

Single Leaf Fire Rated Door

Fire safety has never looked better. Our single leaf fire rated door offers both function and style, protecting your home from flames and smoke with ease.

Wooden Fire Rated Door

Protect your building with our Wooden Fire Rated Door, designed for ultimate safety and performance.

Sound Proof Acoustic Door

Keep outside sounds outside with our Sound Proof Acoustic Door, providing peace and quiet in any space.

Emergency Door

Secure and easily accessible, our emergency doors provide a swift evacuation route in any crisis.

Shaft Door

Secure your space with a reliable and durable Shaft Door.

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