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Protecting Lives with Fire Alarms

Protect your home or business with our advanced Fire Alarm System. Reliable, efficient, and easy to use.

Product: Fire Safety System

Supply Part: Supply, Warranty, Installation, Testing and Commissioning and integration of the Fire Alarm System mainly consisting of the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), loop driver cards, Repeater Panel, Detectors and associated Testing kit.

Detectors: Detectors shall be Analogue Addressable type and suitable for connection to the control panel via a two-wire loop circuit (class A wiring).

It shall be possible to: Enable, disable or adjust sensitivity of any addressable device through the system keypad or operator terminal and store events in a non-volatile memory and generate system status reports.

Active Repeater Panel and compatible extension cable : r Panel and compatible extension cable Provision shall be made in the Fire alarm main control panel for connecting repeater panel which will be located at a backup location around 500 meters away.

Scope of Installation and commissioning : 1. Installation as per drawings provided by NPCIL, testing & commissioning of 3 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel with loop driver cards and Repeater Panel, all supplied items viz. addressable Detectors, Isolators, MCPs, Sounders with base plate and hardware accessories on turnkey basis.
2. Laying and termination of 2C x 1.5 FRLS cable (internal cabling between FAS panel and other components) with all necessary accessories like cable compression glands, lugs, ferruling, end termination, cable tags, through existing 25 dia MS conduits or supplied flexible conduits at end portions for all types of detectors and peripherals for connectivity with the FAS panel.
3.Installation of MS conduits in trench / wall including clamping / fixing of conduits (required MS conduit accessories to be provided by the vendor), Laying in MS conduits and termination of the supplied Cable between Repeater panel and Fire alarm Panel.
4. From the nearest available 240 V AC power supply source, the vendor has to extend power supply to the FAS Panel and Repeater panel. The required cabling, casing/capping locally is included in the scope of the vendor.
5. The control panel & repeater panel shall be anchored on wall. All non-conducting metallic parts shall be connected to a Grounding bus at the bottom of panels. The grounding bus shall be connected to the grounding system of the building.


Alert. Protect. Save. Fire Alarm System.

Digitally Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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Conventional Fire Alarm Panels

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Special Fire Alarm Panels

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PA System with Mic and Speaker

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PA & Talk back System with Fire Alarm Panals

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Manual Call Box

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Response Indicators

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Fire Alarm Hooter / Strobe

Loud and bright fire alarm hooter with strobe for enhanced safety.

Exit / Emergency Light

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